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Gateway South

Your reliable partner in Southern Europe for tourism-related marketing activities


Gateway South offers

Market Insight

Being present in the markets allows us to always spot the current trends within your target group

Cost Efficiency

We provide all auxiliary services in-house from strategy development to translation services

Product Knowledge

We have experience in destination marketing and place branding bringing out the most of your unique selling point

Content Creation

Always thought of developing your own content creation strategy? There is no need for a big team. We can help you create the strategy and the content for your target group. This can be done in both your own and external channels.

Press, PR & Media Relations

Send press releases, organize press trips and events, attend fairs with us and get covered by important media in your target country. We also track and contact journalists and attend interviews on behalf of your brand. You will get continuous updates and when the project is finished you will receive a comprehensive report about the actions taken and how well they performed.

Web Design for Campaigns

We design special websites for your campaigns with focus on conveying your message to your potential audience in their mother tongue and inline with the cultural nuances & travel preferences of the target group.

Travel Trade Activities

We help you to get the right distribution of your products on the market. Through our extensive network of tour operators, OTAs and other sales channels we can create long-term collaborations, media collaborations, special events and other activities on demand.

Community Building

No time or personnel to build a community about your product in the audience language? We help you establish, maintain and grow your own community.

Influencer Tracking

Each country’s influencer scene looks different and is constantly changing. We take care of it and are always up-to-date on which online personalities could help boost the knowledge about your product.

Be it social media profiles, bloggers, vloggers or niche website key players – we know them!

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PR Manager & Travel Trade Consultant


Content Creator, Press Manager, Online Marketing & Social Media


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