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Gateway South joins DestLab Alliance


    Stockholm, February 1, 2021

    A new group of consultants starts DestLab Alliance with the aim of developing Sweden’s and Europe’s hospitality industry.

    The Alliance is based on the idea and the need to develop European players in the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry has for decades been a strong driving force for developing communities and destinations and will play a significant role in this development also in the future.

    In both the short and long term, there is reason for many destinations and companies to sharpen their offerings and create increased attraction values. In addition to a larger product offer, more targeted marketing and communication of the destinations is required. The next ten years will mean decisive changes in terms of guests’ needs, behaviors and demand. Therefore, we see the need of analyzing target groups constantly and segmenting the market even deeper to achieve increased efficiency. In the short term, many destinations will need to recover quickly after the pandemic and ensure good economic development.

    Through the Alliance, destinations, companies and consultants are connected in a new way to gain greater power to be able to take a broader and deeper grasp of the potentials that exist and can be developed. Through DestLab Alliance, we will raise customers’ offerings and increase the destinations’ attraction values and effectively market and communicate to selected target groups in each market.

    Tord Carnlöf (CEO Swedish Destination Development – SVEDEST), Sweden

    “With the alliance, our ambition is to be the best-ranked consulting organization in Europe that achieves real change for the hospitality industry. To achieve our position, we strive to connect more “top-of-the-line” competent people and companies to the alliance from across Europe. “

    Thomas Johansson (Vd NORDEST), Norway

    “Through the alliance, we have the opportunity to develop our customers’ strategies and translate these into concrete marketing and communication activities. With DestLab Alliance, we have the conditions to link strategies with communication initiatives across Europe, an offer that is unique in the market. ”

    Sophie Nyström (Founder Gate2Marketing) Holland, Germany, UK, Poland

    “We are pleased to be part of the DestLab Alliance and to be able to contribute with our cutting-edge expertise in destination marketing communications. We are already working with some customers in several European countries and look forward to new interesting customers who we can help to succeed. ”

    Johan Cavallini (Gateway South), Spain, Italy and France

    “Through DestLab Alliance, we get the opportunity to increase our customer base with a broad and flexible offer. We look forward to contributing to the development of the alliance’s total range of services through our teams, all of whom have long and solid experience that can help many tourist companies and destinations, in Sweden and Europe. ”

    More about DestLab Alliance can be found at